Summary projectlib’s blog this week in Eng#3

This week, 25 November – 1 December 2007
My Blog update about,

25-11-2007 –
My second time to write summary blog in this week by english language.

26-11-2007 –
I bring video from youtube about the future of search engine – google in 2020.

27-11-2007 –
Car Exhibition show, in this work I recommend to go for look new innovation of car and look pretty lady model. ^-^

28-11-2007 –
Now, In thailand is very cool. I compare weather and work cause cool weather bring to lazy of work.

29-11-2007 –
Introduction to new friend blog, Stang Mongkolsuk Library blog from Mahidol University.

30-11-2007 –
I take stat from “OneStat” about “Most Searchers Have Two Words for Google”

1-12-2007 –
My summary blog total in November. My summary about No. of title, No. of visitor, My Improvment in my blog…

1-12-2007 –
New librarian magazine online in thailand is openning. I love it.

This week, OK next week I will tell you my summary blog again.
2/12/2007 , 01.32 P.M.
Thank you, Y – projectlib